Don't Make These Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Chances Of Getting The Money You Deserve For Your Injuries

"What the Insurance Companies And Their Lawyers May NOT Tell You If You Have Been Injured In Any Kind Of Accident"

No one ever wants to get hurt or injured in an accident.

Not only is there pain, and future health concerns - there is inconvenience, expenses, possibly lost time from work (maybe even putting your job at risk), and much more to be concerned about. Whatever accident or injury has led you to come to this web site, it certainly wasn't anything you wanted! But the reality is, you are hurt, and now you must be very careful and smart and thorough about protecting your legal rights, your family finances, and your health.

There are many kinds of accidents and personal injuries. An automobile, SUV, truck or motorcycle accident - possibly involving an uninsured or under-insured motorist. Many people suffer serious injury through others' negligence, such as slipping and falling in a place of business where a wet floor wasn't roped off properly, or being attacked and mauled by a neighbor's loose dog. Since 1987, over 30,000 "falling-merchandise" incidents resulting in injuries to customers have occurred at one of the largest chain of retail stores in America. Accidents occur every minute of every day.

Sometimes good, honest people are tempted to shrug off these injuries. "It's just a little pain - it will go away." This may seem like the decent thing to do, but it is VERY DANGEROUS - because quite often, today's "little pain" after an accident...even pain that does "go away"...can be a "time bomb" in your body that will later explode into serious medical problems...but you will have given up all your rights to paid-for care.

If you have been injured in ANY type of accident, then my first big piece of advice is NOT to "shrug it off," "tough it out," NOT to take it lightly.

I am an attorney who has been in practice, helping Central Illinois families for over 24 years. If you've been injured, you NEED advice from someone like me who handles personal injury cases. I want you to know what YOUR rights are.

What Are Your Rights?

Regardless of the type of accident or injury, it is critical that you know that you have
7 Important Rights
, the greatest of which is your right to full and complete compensation for your injuries, which includes payment or reimbursement for the health care required by the injury, rehabilitative care, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and loss of normal life.

Even seemingly "small" accidents or injuries can blossom into big, costly medical problems later. ANY ACCIDENT OR INJURY IS "SERIOUS BUSINESS." If you mishandle even one little detail of your injury case, you could LOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTS and wind up with little or even NO financial compensation or cost recovery.

Because you may be entitled to money for pain, suffering, lost wages, even loss of normal life, IN ADDITION TO reimbursement of your actual medical and other expenses, the total amount of money at stake in a "run-of-the-mill" accident or injury case can be much greater than you might think. The point is: there's too much at stake for you and your family to risk mishandling your case!

After all, being unable to work for a long period of time or losing your job altogether could destroy you financially. Thinking that all you have are a few little aches and pains, signing away your rights, and months later facing a serious and costly medical problem could ruin your life. Failing to get appropriate help with emotional issues linked to an accident could later lead to serious problems in your work and personal life. This is just NOT something you want to risk making a mistake with.

And on the other hand, you may be entitled to a very substantial sum of money for your pain and suffering that could help pay off your home mortgage and make you debt-free for life, guarantee your kids' college education, let you start the business you've always wanted or secure your retirement.

Now I don't want to suggest that having an accident is like winning the lottery. Getting hurt and suffering is no way to get rich. However, once you have been injured, you MUST look out for yourself and your family, and you should NEVER FEEL GUILTY about obtaining every penny legitimately due you.

There Is Somebody On Your Side

Harry Williams & Associates has over 24 year's experience helping Central Illinois men and women who have been injured in accidents. We FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS of people injured in accidents, making sure they get proper medical care and every benefit and financial compensation available to them. We do NOT work for any insurance companies. We work ONLY FOR YOU.

Here's why this is so important: accident injury law is complicated. We know that most people injured in accidents really do NOT know what to do...may be afraid of losing their jobs and in a hurry to get back to work...may want the whole thing to just "be over" as quickly as possible. Men tend to be "macho" and do not want to make much of their pain. It is also easy to be intimidated, pushed around or influenced by your insurance company, their lawyers or even the other party's lawyers. And you may even be one of the many people who do not like lawyers, so you are very reluctant to call a lawyer for yourself. BUT REMEMBER, YOUR HEALTH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE AND SECURITY IS ALL AT STAKE.

If you make even one mistake, you may put it all at risk.

If you fail to get full and complete legal advice now - will it be too late for such advice to help you months or years from now?

There are certain Myths About Accident Injuries that you need to be aware of. Failure to educate yourself about these myths will put your injury case in jeopardy and could cause you to lose all of your rights.

I need to warn you: if you try to handle your case yourself without a good lawyer on your side, you are pitting yourself against companies and their lawyers in a very, very unfair fight. After all, they have lawyers. Their lawyers all have 7 years or more of education (college and law school) and years and years of experience handling hundreds or even thousands of accident cases. They know the ins and outs of the law. You are learning as you go.

Things You Must Do RIGHT NOW To Protect Your Rights

During the 1980's and early 90's my law firm represented a well known insurance company defending auto accident claims. Because of our work for the insurance company, we learned the investigative and negotiation techniques that insurance companies use against people who have been injured. We now refuse to ever represent an insurance company again.

From the experience we gained from representing the insurance company as well as injury victims, we know that there are certain things you should consider before attempting to represent yourself on your injury case or before hiring a lawyer.

Before going any further, you need to review the 5 Most Important Things You Must Do RIGHT NOW To Protect Your Rights. As you can see, there is a certain amount of expertise involved to properly handle an injury case.

Hardly a month goes by that I don't meet with somebody who has let way too much time go by before dealing with their injury or who has tried to handle their own case and made so many mistakes they can't be helped! I have to turn these people away. On the other hand, quite often, I am able to step in even after someone has done some things for themselves they shouldn't have done, or even after time has passed since the accident, turn things around, and help them. The bottom-line is: whether your injury occurred last week or last month, do NOT let even another day go by without getting our help. The sooner we evaluate your case, the better.

Free In-Person Consultation

We offer you a Free In-Person Consultation with an attorney who is experienced in accident and personal injury matters. To arrange your appointment, call 309-676-7633. There is no cost to you nor any obligation.

Why a "free" appointment? Because we have extensive experience assisting accident victims. Often, we meet with people who have NOT been fully informed of their rights and ARE entitled to financial compensation, medical care and other benefits that they were afraid to demand or did not know how to obtain. Many times we meet with people who have underestimated the seriousness of their injuries or the potential size and value of their claim. Sometimes we meet with people who have been given the run-around or treated unfairly even by their own insurance companies. Frankly, we can afford to provide FREE CONSULTATIONS because we frequently discover the basis for legitimate cases, large claims and settlements. If we can help you, and your situation warrants legal work on your behalf, we will tell you. If not, we WILL tell you that too. We do not take cases that should not go forward, because we are paid only based on success; you can depend on an honest, straightforward evaluation. And whether we wind up representing you right now or not, we are glad to answer your questions without charge --- trusting that, if not now, at some future time that you or someone in your family needs a lawyer's help, you will remember us.

Six Questions You WILL Know The Answers To
After Your FREE Initial Consultation

  1. What is the 'legal status' of my accident or injury situation?
  2. Do I have a legitimate cause for legal action?
  3. What kinds of health care should I consider? (Referrals to appropriate physicians provided.)
  4. What other kinds of expense reimbursements and financial compensation am I potentially entitled to?
  5. How have I handled my case so far? Have I made any mistakes? If so, can they be corrected?
  6. What should I do NOW to protect my rights?

What Too Many Doctors Don't Know About HIDDEN INJURIES Can Hurt You - Physically And Financially

"Soft Tissue Injuries," which commonly occur from many kinds of accidents (including auto accidents and slipping and falling) are NOT always visible on X-rays. Doctors may not detect and diagnose these injuries.

The treatment of choice from many doctors is "pain killers," but using these can simply cover up the symptoms of soft tissue injuries, so you think you're okay, when you are not. Because your pain is "masked" or covered up by drugs, you may settle your case or otherwise compromise your rights too quickly or too cheaply. And long-term use of pain-killers, whether prescription or just over-the-counter, off-the-shelf pain pills, can have serious side effects, including kidney, stomach or liver disease.

This is why it is extremely important to get the most complete examination possible, which includes expert diagnosis of any soft tissue injuries, including those affecting your neck or back. When we meet with you, we will not only advise you on the merits of your case but also on the medical care you may have received so far and the appropriateness of a second opinion.

Admittedly, Accident Injury Cases ARE About Money. But They Are Also About Your Health And The Rest Of Your Life, Too.

Yes, accidents are about MONEY. Insurance companies - the other guy's AND yours - make more money when they pay out less. Frankly, I am in the business of getting the biggest possible payments for my clients. And I am paid only based on my success. So every accident case does ultimately become a tug-of-war over money. It is unavoidable.

But I am concerned with more than the money. That's important. But so is your health. In fact, even wealth without health is a hollow victory. If you cannot do the work you like, if you cannot bend over and lift up your grandchildren, if you cannot bowl or golf, if your sex life has been damaged, if you prematurely age with constant aches and pains -- and if this could have been avoided by my efforts, to make certain you got the very best diagnosis and treatment of your injuries, -- then I haven't done my job.

Health care is one of the most expensive commodities.

A day in a hospital, is a month's pay to you. Even a minor operation, a year's pay or more. Remember, injuries from accidents are sneaky. The pain may go away but leave hidden a serious injury that will rise up and attack you later - when it is too late to get the paid-for-care that you need paid for you!

Please do the right thing for your health, your future, your family. ACT to protect yourself and your rights. Have your situation evaluated by an attorney who understands accident and injury cases - if not me and my team, for some reason, then choose someone else. But whatever you do, don't go it alone!

Incidentally, back to money for just a moment. If you have been in a very serious accident or suffered serious injury, and may receive a very large settlement, then it is also important to have good advice on how you get paid. For example, it is important to protect the TAX-FREE STATUS for your settlement. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of a "structured settlement." When the time comes, you can count on us to assist you with these important decisions.


You did a very smart thing in coming to our web site. Now you have at least three choices:

One, you can ignore what you've read and do nothing. You can let your case "go away" or simply settle for whatever the insurance company offers you. Far too many people choose this do-nothing-option, only to deeply regret it months or years down the road when serious medical problems surface. I must tell you, there is no virtue in missing out on benefits and, bluntly, on money that should be yours. You do not do anyone else any good by this, you only hurt yourself and your family.

Two, you can represent yourself and be your own lawyer. There's a saying in my business - a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. To be very blunt, that goes double for you. Dealing with an accident case is just no place for an amateur. I'm sure you are good at whatever you do for a living. I know better than to try doing my own plumbing, car repairs or brain surgery. Be smart about this. Get a professional on your side.

Three, you can call my office and arrange for a NO-CHARGE Consultation. Have your situation evaluated. Get your questions answered. Protect your health and finances. Prevent costly mistakes. It's natural to procrastinate, to put this off, to wait and see what happens, or to see what the insurance company eventually offers - but this can be a big mistake. The sooner you get specific expert advice about your situation the better.

We're only a phone call away.
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PS: Remember, we are here ONLY to serve the accident injury victim. WE WORK ONLY FOR YOU. You have attorney-client confidentiality with us. We are paid fees only based on success. And your initial consultation is FREE --- although we can only offer a limited number of such consultations each week. To avoid delay, it's best to call immediately. The law provides injured people with valuable rights and benefits BUT THOSE RIGHTS CAN BE LOST by guessing about the value of your case or by delay...witnesses can forget, statutes of limitations can expire, others' assets can be dissipated. Delay CAN cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. And, whatever you do, NEVER sign anything about your accident without our advice (or advice from another personal injury attorney) - you might be signing a 'release' (ending or limiting your right to collect money in the future even if your injury turns out to be more serious than you realize), or signing an 'authorization' to pry into your personal affairs, collect confidential records, question your employer or neighbors.

PPS: Please take a look at our Testimonials to see what some of our clients have said about us, then call us at 309-740-1479 to schedule your Free In-Person Consultation.