Our Clients Speak...

  • Harry Lovell, Peoria, Illinois

    Harry Lovell

    "Harry Williams & Associates quickly settled my auto damage claim, then they went to work on my injury case. The insurance company fought us every step of the way, but after a long battle, we were able to settle the case for over five times more than what they originally offered."

  • Robert Criss, Peoria, Illinois

    Robert Criss

    "Harry Williams & Associates, they're good people. They're located right here in Peoria and they care about your case. They immediately get on your case. I tilt my hat to them, they're the team."

  • Carol & Dan Lane, Peoria, Illinois

    Carol and Dan Lane

    Carol - "I think Harry is a very caring person. He's a very sincere person. I was able to talk to him about anything, and could trust what he said."

    Dan - "Harry makes you feel comfortable when you come in. He makes you right at home like it is your home."

  • Joe Abdnour, East Peoria, Illinois

    Joe Abdnour

    "I did try to handle it myself and was very frustrated with the insurance company and the construction company that caused the accident. So, I went to a couple of Lawyers and they basically said I didn't have much of a case and I knew Harry Williams. I worked construction with him 20 years ago, knew he was an attorney, was friend of the family and all. So I was talking to Harry about it and he said we'll see what we can do and the results were really nice. He did a fantastic job, settling the case and all."

  • Po Sun & Sheila Lee, Galesburg, Illinois

    Po Sun and Sheila Lee

    "We chose Harry Williams & Associates to handle our case because we knew Harry Williams was a Christian and that he would take care of us. All of the people at Harry Williams & Associates were very good to us. They were always kind and patient with us and they got our case settled quickly."